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Advantage of carrying on business in Hong Kong (2)

Setting up a company in Hong Kong is easy and with limited restrictions

Setting up a company in Hong Kong is easy and there are no restrictions on the nationality of the shareholders and directors as well as the requirement for a minimum amount of share capital (i.e. paid up capital). In other words, non-Hong Kong residents are also allowed to setup a company in Hong Kong and take the complete ownership of their Hong Kong companies.

For the private company in Hong Kong, it must have a company secretary and at least one director who is a natural person (i.e. an individual and at least 18 years old). The sole director of a private company must not also be the company secretary. A private company having only one director must not have a body corporate as its company secretary if the sole director of that body corporate is also the sole director of the private company.

If the company secretary is a natural person, he or she must ordinarily reside in Hong Kong. If the company secretary is a body corporate, the address of its registered or principal office should be in Hong Kong. AOGB is licensed to provide the company secretary services for Hong Kong companies.

AOGB also offers the service of helping our customers incorporating their companies in Hong Kong. You may contact us for a 30 minutes free business consultation to understand your needs and explore more about the choices of the types of companies you are going to setup.

You can setup your own company in Hong Kong through AOGB by going through the below simple steps:

  1. Decide your company name and proposed business address (AOGB could also offer the registered business address service for you);

  2. Complete the application form below and send back to us with the identity documents and address proof of all shareholders, directors and company secretary;

  3. AOGB performs company name availability check;

  4. AOGB submits registration application documents to the Hong Kong Companies Registry;

  5. Client arranges to receive registration certificate and business registration certificate after the issuance; and

  6. AOGB customs company signature official seal and registered companies documents (e.g. Article of Association, share certificates, shareholder certificates, member certificates, etc)

Hong Kong Limited Company Registration Application Form

Hong Kong Limited Company Registration Application Form
Download PDF • 694KB

The whole process could be completed within three days if all the documents are well received and ready for our actions.

Far more benefits for operating or setting up business in Hong Kong are coming soon in the next articles 😊


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