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AOGB stands for “Advisors Of Global Business”.


AOGB stands for “Advisors Of Global Business”.

More about AOGB

We are a professional accounting firm network with multi-national exposure aiming to provide the best quality of services to our clients and create values throughout the process.

We use a partner led, team-based approach to provide our tailor-made assurance, advisory and consultancy solutions.


One-Stop-Shop Services

AOGB is not only a professional audit firm, but it is also a comprehensive group comprising of industry expertise which enables you to receive better insights. AOGB is also a registered auditor under U.S. PCAOB and Hong Kong Public Interest Entity.


Management of AOGB is all coming from mega-sized firms which provide the highest quality of services in the world. We understand your need thoroughly and provide you with the best asset management industry specific solutions.

Highest Quality


Rich Experience

AOGB has a series of client credential and years of experience in different industries. We have the latest information of the market.

Multi-national Exposure

AOGB has multi-national exposure and you can locate expertise who speaks different languages. Languages and country border are not an issue in our eyes.

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