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Contact Information:

Direct: (+852) 2152 2238

Mobile: (+852) 5340 6492

Address: Suite 2501-03, Tesbury Centre, 28 Queen's Road East, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Amedeo L. Montonati


Amedeo Montonati is currently engaged as Associate Director at AOGB Professional Services Group. The firm provides a wide range of professional services including auditing & assurance, accounting, corporate finance (M&A,  forensic etc.), business consulting, tax advisory and many more. Amedeo is from Italy but he is based in Hong Kong after numerous years in Australia for studies and work.

Amedeo worked for years in the finance consultancy sector for international financial firms and in associated government administration industry. He has extensive expertise in accounting, corporate finance, corporate tax, management and administration consultancy and corporate services. Previously he assisted clients in different sectors such as luxury and retail, logistic, F&B, hospitality and manufacturing, providing advisory and consultancy on accounting, corporate tax, company secretary and corporate finance & internal control.

Amedeo has focused his education and academic studies in business administration, international business, international tax and valuation. He undergone an MBA (Master in Business Administration) with specialization in finance and he is a FMVA® (Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst) certification holder. Amedeo, also further developed focus into debt & capital market and valuation modeling.

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