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Terms & Conditions for Hong Kong Limited Company Incorporation


  1. This Service Agreement is entered into between AOGB CPA Limited (the “Service Provider”) and the applicant (the “Customer”) for the Hong Kong Limited Company Incorporation service (the “Service”). Both parties agree and intend to be bound legally by the terms and conditions stated in this agreement.

  2. The Customer confirms that all information provided to the Service Provider in the Service is true and accurate. This information includes the company name, registered capital, registered address, and personal particulars of all shareholders in the company. Provision of false or incorrect information may result in the need for extra time and costs for the amendment or resubmission of documents afterward. In such cases, the Customer agrees to bear all related costs and responsibilities. The Company Registries may take up to a month to handle an amendment request.

  3. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the “Company Name Search” service provided by Service Provider is only limited to name searches conducted via the Companies Registry’s company search system. The said service does not include areas related to licenses, trademarks, or domain name.

  4. The Customer acknowledges and accepts all legal risks related to the use of a company name, including but not limited to infringement of other registered brand names and trademarks and any corresponding benefits deriving from such names.

  5. The Customer acknowledges that the Companies Registry may randomly request any company to provide reasons or explanation for the incorporation of a company and the said procedure may increase or lengthen the time needed for the incorporation procedures. The Customer agrees to hold the Service Provider free from any responsibility for any delays caused in such situations.

  6. The Customer agrees to provide all necessary documents reasonably requested by the Service Provider to complete the company incorporation procedures. In any case that the Customer refuses to provide the required documents they acknowledge and accept that the incorporation procedures will not be completed. And as such, the Service Provider has the right to terminate the service agreement and will not be held responsible for or subject to any damage or loss claims regarding the ceased service.

  7. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that any request for withdrawal and refund of a subscribed company incorporation service will be subject to an administration fee of a minimum of HKD$500 charged by the Service Provider, on condition that the Service Provider agrees to such request. In any case, the Service Provider has the right to reject such a request.

  8. The Service Provider will conduct professional appraisals of services requested by the Customer and reserves the right to make the final decision.

  9. Customers agree to authorize the Service Provider to make use all the information provided by the Customers to completing the Company Incorporation process, including but not limited to assist the Customer to setup the personal accounts and company account in Company Registry.

  10. Customers subscribing to Service Plans containing Company Incorporation provided by the Service Provider confirm that they have read, understood, and agreed to the “Terms & Conditions for Company Incorporation”.

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